Client: Marina Porto Antico S.p.a.

Main features:
Walk-in area (residential and business): 757,50m2
Volume: 3.028m3

Works: 19/04/2010-WORK IN PROGRESS

The project is developed starting from the existing industrial building, part of the historical settlement of Sampierdarena in Genoa. The project involves the demolition and reconstruction simply improving the definition of dimensional and functional characteristics of the interior spaces and the characterization of the volume through detailed definitions.
The reference elements of the design were essentially four:
- Characterization of the existing volume by maintaining the fronts, and adapting structures to the recent earthquake standards
- Restatement of existing windows with double height
- Changes to the existing windows for the regularization of fronts
- Use of finishing materials coherent with energy recovery needs
The existing windows are drawn according to a rhythmic messy, predetermined by the presence of raised platforms, and indifferent to the canonical rules of composition. These windows are identified as conductor architectural element and characterizes the sequence of interior spaces. Compared to the existing windows were introduced subtle shifts in order to regularize the various fronts. To complete the layout of the new façade, north side, and the contiguous eastern front, more architectural elements have been introduced designed to strengthen the image of the building. These elements consist of indentations in the volume, placed only on the two floors at the top of the building, and of and metal projections to mark the conclusion of the new composition to the west side. The projections assume the value of metallic devices, with abstract industrial semblance comparable to load mechanisms, balcony function. This "industrial" effect of the building, real tangible data of the project proposal, is  still current and is consolidated in this way.
Furthermore the current needs of energy saving has recommended the hiring of technical solutions to achieve a really "passive" wrap according to the weather elements,  without affecting the appearance of masonry material that is repeated.