Client: Immobiliare Eden srl

Main features:
Walk-in area: 384m2
Gross-floor area: 703m2
Parking area: 145m2
Volume: 1.760m3

Design phase: 03/05/201-03/07/2011

The project involves the recovery of Villa Clelia for residential purposes. The villa is located in the district of Nervi adjacent to the Via delle Palme which leads to the railway station.
The building is currently used as a guest house and no longer shows the typical residential characteristics, but it presents on the upper levels en suites, common areas and the level of the ground floor the kitchen.
The structure is in a state of advanced deterioration both due to infiltration from the coverage and from the long lack of maintenance. The project plan includes the construction of 6 apartments, a new elevator in accordance with disabilities indication, the construction of an underground car park, the arrangement of the private garden, the expansion of the small body added on the front of the south. Turning to the historical and architectural character of the building, it has the typology of "nineteenth-century villa" that characterizes the Ligurian territory, then the recovery will also consist in the repetition, in the fronts, of the decorations typical of the nineteenth century, such as ashlar base in relief, slate plinth, decorated with cornices and pediments of the openings, cantilevered balconies with railings and columns in typical local style. For the adjacent parts to the villa and accessible from the apartments on the ground floor, is planned to recover them inserting local stone paving and lawn.
The vegetation will be 'integrated with pitosforo on boundary walls and some fruit trees such as cherry trees and apricot trees in the garden placed in the south. The building will eventually be energetically optimized acting on the insulation of the building envelope and the introduction of alternative energy production systems.