Client: Valdisotto Municipality - Bormio

Main features:
Site area: 11.200m2
Covered area of the ex Cepina hotel: 560m2
Walk-in area of the ex Cepina hotel: 1.745m2
Ex Cepina hotel volume: 5.486m3
Covered area of the new snow center: 820m2
Walk-in area of the new snow center: 2.858m2
Volume of the new snow center: 8.682m3
Walk-in area of the square: 2.858m2
Wal-in area for parking: 1.786m2
Parking volume: 5.091m3

Design phase: 01/09/2003-31/12/2003

The project is part of the works that the Lombardy Region has planned for the Alpine Skiing World Championships held in Bormio in February 2005. The project was the requalification of an area of 11,200 square meters in the district of the City of Cepina Bormio (So) and included, in addition to a broad public park, and to the former Hotel Cepina (listed building by the Superintendent and in the past used for hyfropinic cures), also production station now resigned of the mineral water "Levissima": to the theme of urban and environmental regeneration and of a public area adjacent to the historic center of the village was added the theme of the restoration of a listed building and its extension with a new architecture in dialogue with this. The project has therefore included an element of order, the New Service Center, located in alignment and connected by a low body glazed to the Albergo Cepina with the intention on one hand to reassemble and tie the fabric of the historic center of the village to the new Public Square and the other to separate this from the park Cepina. The new complex, and in particular the New Service Center - contemporary structure that recalls, in the materials (wood and plaster for the fronts, the metal for the cover) and the shape the tradition of the place, fits in a respectful but firm way in an environment of rare beauty, creating the urban scale of the intervention through the articulation of volumes and public spaces. The two buildings that of the New Service Center of the Snow were both used for the phase of the World Championships as service structure to the ski activities and, currently, as tourist accommodation facilities.