Client: Comune di Genova - Direttore Settore Nuove e Grandi Infrastrutture - Settore opere infrastrutturali

Main features:
Road-network section length: 1,5km
Numbers of plants with medium stem: 117

Design phase: 23/11/2010-19/12/2013

The project is part of a wider system of projects to carry out a complete renovation and rebuilding of relations between the historic town of Pra and the areas of the so-called “Fascia di rispetto" placed in the sea side of Via Aurelia. The project defines the roadway axis, pedestrian and vehicular, around which are organized a series of interventions of general upgrading and integration between the different parts of the urban fabric of a major portion of the city of Genoa.
The works are part of a wider program of interventions defined as "Integrated Project Pra Marina" which has been recognized eligible for co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF 2007-2013) relatively Objective "Regional Competitiveness and Employment" - Programma Operativo Regione Liguria(POR Liguria) - Asse 3 “Sviluppo urbano".
The goals of the project can be summarized in the following two points:
- Improve access to service infrastructure, ensuring easy access to modern and effective services, with particular attention to a deprived urban area;
- Carry out redevelopment and conversion of abandoned areas and renovation of public spaces, in order to avoid the loss of the blank areas still residual.
The project includes actions necessary to complete redevelopment of the Via Aurelia (via Pra) in order to move the it, if possible (abandoned railroad grounds), at a greater distance from historic district and put in place all necessary measures and enables the implementation of the planned boundary interventions with particular interest to: the market at zero km Market, the design of Piazza Sciesa and the preparation of the road system necessary for the public use  of the surrounding areas.