Client: PRAOIL O.I.S.p.a.

Main features:
Site area: 154.000m2
Productive and handcraft sectors: 37.000m2
Hospitality sector: 28.000 m2
Social housing: 2.500m2
Public spaces: 25.600m2
Green spaces: 6.630m2
Green hills: 10.000m2
Park zone: 18.000m2

Design phase: 01/06/2006-03/07/2006

The getting over of heavy industry has placed the city of Genoa in front of a complex problem: how to recover those sites of the city that in the past constituted its main resource. Located closely to the urban context, but separated from it for the presence of the highway,the park of south Fondega with 13 oil tanks is one of these examples.
The recovery of the site has represented a fascinating design opportunity that has linked aspects of environmental sustainability to those related to the investment of resources in a practical project that could provide a development opportunity for the city.
The facility enhances the actual geomorphology of the land, minimizing demolitions and alterations of the territory. The project optimizes the marked gradients of the terrain as elements qualifying the project: the building part is developed adjacent to these reducing the visual impact of the intervention and improving the energy performance of the complex.
The goal of the project is to optimize energetic relations between external and internal environment and aims to achieve zero-emission buildings.
The plant is organized in different spaces according to the different functions and it is developed laterally to the axis of the main roads. The first area is the "productive base", a series of three overlapped terraces, served by a traffic ring, in which the spaces are conceived for productive activities in addition to parking for the entire complex.
The base, the core of productive activities, will not be visible from the city, because of the presence of motorway infrastructure; instead, it will be perceived the second area, the "public square," heart of the intervention. In this area are placed the space for retail (in synergy with the productive activities) and the four suspended volumes that strongly characterize it.
From the square you can access the other two areas that characterize the project and then to the "two emerging towers" with offices and accommodation destination and the to "urban park" and to the spaces which, through a re-naturalization of the slope, will be usable from the neighborhood.