Client: Privat Client

Design phase: 27/09/2011-20/03/2012
Works: 18/06/2012-26/06/2013

Main features:
Apartment surface: 63m2
Loft area: 23m2

The assignment is the internal renovation of an apartment located on the highest floor in the historical center of Camogli.
The building is a typical “terraced element” situated inside the continuous building along Via al Molo of the old harbor.
The project functionally organizes the interiors of the residential unit and provides it of the adequate technological system valorizing the characteristics of its position and the views from its windows towards the landscape.
The apartment is positioned higher than the adjacent built, offering views of the harbor, of the Castle and the Punta Chiappa and of the coast of Genoa.
For this reason we decided to open two windows, in addition to the existing ones, framing the lighthouse of the port and the facades, typical of the Liguria coastal towns.
The redistribution of interior space has allowed us to create a large and airy room on the front overlooking the harbor, leaving the kitchen open and keeping the old wattle hanging vault, to give volumetric and functional continuity to the living area.
To increase the height and the visual depth, the suspended ceilings to living room have been demolished and the beams of wood of the roof have been brought in sight, recovering the space under the roof such as usable loft.
The roof painted in white color, the floor made by tile cement, the "cementines" on a light background and red design, the slate pilasters and doors on hinges, the masonry hood, all materials and techniques typical of old local houses that contribute to characterize a space harmonious and contemporary but also deeply rooted in the historical tradition of Liguria.