MUSHROOM N°1 - ARCHITECTURE AS VISION OF CONTEMPORARY ART - (Photographic exhibition about SibillAssociati projects in Torino for the XXIII UIA World Congress - Turin 2008)

Works on display:
-Educational laboratories of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Pharmaceuticals and business incubator – University of Turin
-New sport facility for biathlon races in Cesana Torinese
-Radio 19 new headquarters, private broadcaster of IL SECOLO XIX – SEP Group

The images apparatus that overcomes the visitor as soon as he enters in the space of Quarter Relocated unifies the thinker and the operator. The project, the architecture and the images that tell us about the spaces, are all "works" as expressions of a creative need combined with a meta-linguistic reflection related to the space. The articulated visual system is accompanied by a series of characters-authors to melt together. SIBILLASSOCIATIsrl mix structural requirements of their architectures with concepts acquired from culture and those sensed from contemporary art. Ernesta Caviola, photographer, creates a visual document without ever elude the thought of producing social culture through images. In the contemporary design panorama, numerous connections are created by the opening towards different language fields, as sources of constant innovation and progressive inputs for every language.
Architecture takes inspirations from  science, technology, bioethics and ecology in order to reformulate its values in the present era. The dialogue between art and architecture sinks solid roots in the past and SIBILLASSOCIATIsrl performs an operation that emphasizes this relationship by identifying unusual solutions and personal: it is not to put art inside architecture, nor to produce architectural- sculptures that are end onto themselves, but to integrate elements and contemporary reflections of the art world, often arcane and misunderstood by the common feeling, in the space of everyday experience, in ordinary environments of the present reality.
The peculiarity of these operations is to create places in which is possible to merge high and low languages converse languages, major and minor, to bring together the cultural dimension in social life - in the wake of England’s  Art & Craft or Germany's Bauhaus - filtering functional requirements to extend the usual mode of distribution and enjoyment of the place to live and to inhabit. The explicit reference to the spot painting by Damien Hirst - in the creation of the new headquarters of Radio19 dedicated to him - actually opens strong references to the work of artists such as Daniel Buren and David Tremlett, able to altering perceptually the space through flat and conventional linguistic codes such as painting and to modify the structural and geometric understanding of the space. The polka dots as pictorial unit comes off from the wall and impresses the eye piercing the space and changing the perspective and the distance between the parts. The interior of Radio19 takes the shape of a box of colorful candies, of floating pills in a world of hallucinatory perceptions in which a rabbit it appears and smiles, heir of the fading and mocking image of the Cheshire Cat from Alice, echo of the Rabbit of Koons and Hase, pink rabbit lying over the Cuneo hills. Evanescent presence born from the need to feed, legitimize and reveal the creativity that comes out of the architecture functional grills. A white rabbit revisited that we find wandering among the stairs and the floors of the Biathlon in Cesana Torinese, against the backdrop of the walls of a saturated and alien orange, in the midst of spaces overturning the interior in stages and prosceniums, repurposing the daily existence and suggesting new locations. The laboratories of the University of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Turin are the more acute example of the hybridization of different linguistic codes from the primary code: writing. The numbers indicating the rooms and access to the laboratories are thick, heavy, incumbent on the doors slowly becoming presences that inhabit the space; from referential symbol they become autonomous sign, starting a close dialogue with the lights diaphanous and diagonal of ceilings. The intervention appears to be minimal but is able to involve the general layout, fitting substantially even in the soil, increasing its strength and presence. The photography of Ernesta Caviola registers with the precision of a seismograph the minimal variations of the environments atmosphere, the density of the air, as if to be a scientific operation that intercepts perceptual-emotional and cultural quality in the spaces.
Actually at every corner and behind every glass the visitor can feel clean oil to vanish into thin air, followed by the echo of surreal voices that inhabit the corridors. The visionary cotè becomes the common denominator of these architectural interventions, rich in evocative mental perceptions, without thereby surrendering their functionality and usability of its interior.

Text by Francesco Solero - Photos by Ernesta Caviola