Client: Eniservizi S.p.a.

Main features:
Property area: 5.120m2
Fuel station area: 1.298m2
Accommodation facilities area: 2.877m2
Disposal area: 934m2
Gross usable area: 3.541,93m2

Design phase: 27/11/2012-25/09/2013

The project concerns the redevelopment of the property Eni Spa located in the Municipality of La Spezia in Viale Italia, at the intersection with Via Carducci. Currently the area is used as a fuel station.
The Preliminary Project proposes the construction of three areas. The first concerns the scaling of the fuel station and its relocation within the property. The second involves the construction of an hotel with 7 floors above ground, underground parking and a car park at ground level. On the ground floor are located the public spaces, the functions of reception and concierge; in the upper floors there are the bedrooms, for a total of 95 rooms (88 double rooms + 7 suites). On the coverage is provided a "green roof" and two technical rooms for the facilities of the hotel.
The underground parking has a gross floor area of about 1,930 square meters and 65 parking spaces, the opera air one provides 30 parking spaces for customers and 10 for employees.
The third and final area concerns the construction of a new public road. The project, in fact, involves the construction of a road to "Category E - Urban district" of length 76m and width 11m.