Client: Cogeis S.p.a.

Main features:
Area: ~30.000m2
Covered area: ~2.750m2

Design phase: 02/01/2013-31/08/2014

This is the project of a new sewage treatment plant of urban waste water in service of the Comunità Montana Valdigne Mont-Blanc (Municipalities of Courmayeur, Pré Saint Didier and La Salle) placed along the course of the river Dora in the Municipality of La Salle (AOSTA) .
The project proposes an unusual building typology for the Valle D’Aosta with the goal of optimal and ideal integration of the volumes of the new system in the context of the valley, with the purpose of the restoration of the site, now occupied by a disused quarry, thus to be able to reproduce the shape of the slope of the valley, without distinction with the surrounding context.
The proposal identifies a single volume, a kind of underground space, whose coverage becomes a landscaping to rebuild the side.
This choice, suggested by the particular location of the new plant, has been the priority of the design, considering the particular environmental and socio-economic characteristics of an area with a strong tourist value.
The new building becomes in this way an element of the landscape through its similarity with the geology of Mont Court de Bar: the green coverage is used as meadow and the lateral faces, unified by a continuous cladding made by larch wood, seems to be the rocky cliffs generated by secular erosion of the River Dora. The project and the area delimited by the boundaries of the intervention can be summarized by the local dialect: "la petite parej."