Client: Comun of Elbasan - Abania

Main features:
Resident population: 85.000
Urban area involved in the plan: 470.000m2
New cultural facilities: 23.500m2
New accommodation facilities: 120.000m2
New services facilities: 30.000m2
New commercial spaces: 26.000m2

Design phase: 01/09/2003-31/12/2003
Approval: 15/03/2005

The new Albanian political reality and the constant strengthening of public institutions have determined a rapid process of transformation of the city with the aim to provide better housing and urban spaces that, starting with an integrated system of functions, could be able to ensure adequate social and economic relationships. In this context, the Administration of the city of Elbasan has launched a competition and has appointed the Company B-GROUP, of which SibillAssociati holds the majority, to draw up a plan for the preservation and development of the central area of the city. The town counts 85.000 inhabitants, and is located in the center of the Albanian territory on the plain of the River Shkumbin close to the mountains Kerradés that separate it from the capital Tirana.
Through this plain transit the main connecting routes with the territories of Macedonia and it is the reference for all the major territories of the region of Korce and from these to Greece. Elbasan, thanks to this particular location is the point of reference for most of the non-coastal areas of Albania. The urban project offers a complete reorganization of the central areas of the city providing answers and guidance to the implementation of the free areas in a serious state of decay;, to the the road system and green central areas also in relation to the historical center enclosed in the walls and particularly valuable for which are indicated the main measures needed for its conservation and its recovery.
For these purposes, the project identifies a series of portions of the city center or "project areas", interrelated to each other, for which are planned important transformations and priority actions are given for the recovery and the regeneration of urban areas. For the viability the proposal provides the recovery of the Boulevard, the only path crossing on a regional scale, while the territorial link is demanded to a complex road system designed from road rehabilitation and completion of existing paths circling the center.
The project was approved by the National Planning Commission chaired by the President of Albania, Fatos Nano (2004). The project was developed in collaboration with Ing. A. Gjergji.