Client: A.T.I. Genoa Partnership for Iraq

Main features:
Surface: 18.200m2
Volume: 101.600m3
Beds: 180

Design phase: 01/07/2003-30/10/2003

The project Bassora General Hospital involves the implementation of a General Hospital with 180 beds to be built on the suburbs of the city of Bassora in Iraq.
SibillAssociati has thought to a design that, in response to the demands imposed by the particular situation of the place, propose simple, functional, economic and highly sustainable solutions.
Inspired by the concept of humanization, urbanity, sociability, fitness, innovation and flexibility, which are valid also and above all for a country under reconstruction, the hospital is of horizontal type  developed in two parallel blocks of 3 floors above ground that define a large green inner courtyard opened to the surrounding area.
The conformation, the structural mesh and internal organization are designed to ensure not only flexibility in the use of the spaces but also their extensibility over time. There are five major functional areas (Public Services, General Services, First Aid, Diagnosis and Treatment, Hospital stay) distributed at various levels of the structure according to the relationships between the various services and connected by four blocks of vertical connection for staff and two for visitors. In the same way, the horizontal paths are differentiated according to therapeutics and staff on the one hand, patients and visitors on the other, eventually different paths for "dirty" and "clean." The departments are designed with rooms from 1 to 4 beds.
We also tried to define large areas with architectural quality for the public, as the green court or the open spaces or the public glazed spaces connecting the two main buildings, to overcome the functionalist definition of "hospital typology" to achieve a quality similar to a public building believing that this can be an important element for the relations  hospital / patient, town / hospital and in particular the for the psychological well-being of the users.