Client: Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri - Clinica del lavoro e della riabilitazione

Main features:
Site area: 6.050m2
Covered area: 2.100m2
Gross-floor area: 6.392m2
Volume: 24.595m3
Pertinential parking area: 525m3

Design phase: 19/07/1999-31/01/2001
Works: 09/07/2001-03/08/2005

The project involved a complex existing structure situated in a panoramic position on the hills overlooking the port of Nervi dating back to the early 1900s. The building has been completely renovated and now houses the new Polo Riabilitativo del Levante Genovese and a Piastra Ambulatoriale. Inside were created departments of Rehabilitation for 65 beds, Day Hospital, Radiology, Cardiology, Ambulatory, CUP, laboratories, gymnasiums, Canteen and distribution of meals, dressing rooms, administrative offices and warehouse. The project, based on the concepts of "functionality", "quality" and "peace," has "thought" the whole hospital substantially changing the organization and acting with the priority of physically and ideally "reconnect" the building to the urban and social texture of the neighborhood of Nervi improving accessibility and visibility. It is in this general perspective that has been created a new public elevator outside, with a strong impact, able to connect directly and visually the structure to the underlying of the town of Nervi. In similar measure the entire system of paths was improved by enhancing all connections vertical and horizontal internal and external in a view of a clear hierarchy and separation of flows but above all for greater environmental quality of public spaces. These were enriched with precious materials and elements and creating spaces where is possible to insert objects of art. The project has also optimized the interaction between daylight and interior comfort by positioning along the south side of the building all the rooms for the presence of patients and personnel, and instead hosting all sorts of accessory activities on the back side. The departments of hospital stay, with rooms from 1 to 4 beds and rooms for infusions and living room, provide privacy and comfort of the users.