Client: ENI S.p.a. / Divisione Refining & Marketing

Main features:
Site area: 2.987m2
Gross-floor area: 2.092m2
Walk-in area: 5.070m2
Accommodation parking area: 1.095m2
Public parking area: 1.477m2
Volume: 5.905 m3.
Numbers of rooms: 33

Design phase: 17/01/2007-06/07/2007

The project concerns the construction of a structure in an area owned by ENI Spa located in the municipality of Courmayeur, adjacent to the town center. The project has the following objectives: the creation of a High Quality accommodation facility; the optimization of the energy performance of the building; compliance with local building language interpreted in a contemporary way. The information drawn from the analysis of the site have influenced and oriented the approach and design choices: in fact, the ground plan, the form factor and the thermo-physical properties of the enclosure greatly influence both the thermal balance and the costs of the plant. It is for this reason that orientation, building form, facade relationship/exposition, inertial capability and thermal insulation of the building envelope answer to very specific design criteria. The new structure is set back from the road edge running parallel to it, with north-south orientation, it meets the following requirements that are considered priorities: to create a visual barrier and a buffer zone from the street to the service of the hotel structure; to optimize the orientation of the area, not ideal, to enjoy the view from the rooms and to the installation of solar panels and / or photovoltaic panels on the roof. In fact, a careful study of the positioning of the building together with the study of sun evolution, landscape and other environmental issues has allowed us to enhance the area in terms of exposure and panoramic views. The project provides the construction of an hotel of four floors above ground and two underground floors, consisting of two main volumes, slightly rotated relative to one another, joined by a connecting body containing the stairs and the elevator. The formal choice of the two separate volumes is intended to distinguish some of the functions contained in them and at the same time to create a space dedicated to the entrance hall and the vertical connections. Both volumes are strongly characterized by contrasts of color, light and dark bodies; volume, the projections of the modern "bow-windows", and from the shadows of the mesh vertical blinds.