Client: SNAM Rete Gas S.p.a.

Main features:
Site area: 6.520m2
Business area: 575m2
Productive area: 596m2
Total area:1.171m2
Volume: 8.056m3

Design phase: 03/12/2004-29/09/2006
Works: 11/06/2007-17/12/2008

The project involves the requalification of Snam Rete Gas S.p.a.’s productive area, located Genoa.
The requalification had to face with a great a number of constraints imposed on the area that have profoundly affected the design choices: beyond geological and water flow restrictions, the site is exposed to the risk of flooding of Rio Fegino from one side and on the other is characterized by urban blight and uncontrolled urbanization.
The project wants to overcome these limitation, positioning the buildings far from streets and creating a kind of tree hill as physical, acoustic and visual barrier so to isolate the complex from road network, from the river but also from the opposite oil site of Fegino.
The  design solution consists in two volumes that underline the importance of the complex: the first one is addressed to offices activities, ideally suspended from the ground and completely ceramic-covered; the second, used for storage, firmly anchored to the ground and completely metal-covered.
From the open area in front of the buildings, visitors can look at the elegant buildings and deduce the different function from the colors of the covering.
We wanted to create a fusion between compositional choices and the functional needs of a covered parking area on the ground floor and the working places on the first floor.
The complex is also characterized by his great energy performance: the insulation of the building shell is achieved with rear-ventilated facades ceramic-covered; special windows allow to get optimal thermal benefits and the coverage made with ceramic material protects from the overheating of the offices the  during summer.
At the same time the use of a condensing plant together with photovoltaic roofing systems enable the saving and the production of energy allowing the new complex to become an high tech opera with a great environmental compatibility.