Client: Irsacqua Srl

Design phase: 29/08/2009 – 25/01/2010

Main features:
Site area: 9.150m2
Covered area: 860m2
Gross-floor area: 1.450m2

The building, with gross area of 1450 m2, is characterized by a main volume, with rectangular plan of m. 48X18 and overall height of m. 8, is empty in its central part to accommodate the open space of the operating core of the offices. The open space is characterized by a double height fully glazed exposed on the southern front.
A second suspended volume reduced in size overlays the main one along the side facing the main road of Mainizza. The outstanding volume hosts the conference room and, below, the entrance to the building. The formal qualities of this overlap characterize the entire building and make it easily recognizable in context.
Within this general framework, the choice of the position of the volumes (one for office and one for conference room) has combined one hand the need of creating a distance from the street Mainizza and, secondly, the need of a proper orientation for optimization of solar energy exchange.
It was decided therefore to create two volumes, functionally distinct, positioned definitely backward from the public road, thus creating a space for parking and maneuvering area. This space of respect, in addition to the primary function cited above, also acts as a "filter" between the public road and the new headquarters and the park.
Compositionally the solution also has the purpose of emphasize the importance of the volume of the conference room that emerges as pure volume, suspended, projecting with respect to the main volume of the offices covered with wooden slats.
Along the southern front the main volume is "open" towards the park with a glazed double-height opening that has a triple function to ensure a constant and diffused natural light to the whole building, to ensure the exploitation of solar energy, and finally, to allow the enjoyment of the natural environment that characterizes the place.
The external finishes of the building answer to the same logic of strong characterization and volumetric simplicity.
The main building features a ventilated enclosure with surface finished with wooden slats while the suspended volume that hosts the conference room is distinguished from the main volume for both traditional masonry construction technique with coated thermal cladding gray colored.