Client: T.Y.M. srl

Main features:
Walk-in area: 1.608,23m2
Parking area: 6.773m2
Volume: 5.628,81m3

Design phase: 01/02/2011-03/11/2011

The detailed plan of Terralba - Arenzano involved the construction of a large residential complex, mainly intended as second homes and characterized by wide spaces dedicated to rest, play and swimming in summer. The project concerns a batch of about 8,000m2 located along Via del Giappone close to the hospital, "La Colletta" Arenzano.
The project involves the construction of an accommodation facility with a capacity of 46 beds serving both tourist and  the families who use the services of the nearest hospital. The operation is completed with the construction of a commercial space on the roof of the facility and in continuity with the its architectural language and the creation of a public car park for 100 pa.
The architectural theme is heavily influenced by the infrastructural and orographical constraints of the area: although it has good quality, in terms of panoramic views, size and proximity to major rail tracks is close to the motorway Genova-Ventimiglia and, in part, on steep terrain. The project takes advantage from this peculiarity creating a building that leans against the gradient thus reducing the impact of the built environment. The building has an optimized shape to use the maximum of solar radiation and has been thought at this stage of planning to meet both the requirements of energy saving and qualitative requirements that a modern structure must have. The use of wood, both as a coating and as screening, allows along with the volumetric simplicity, the architectural uniformity of the building. The naturalization of outdoor spaces through the use and the replanting of native plants and through the recreation of the stone typical walls completes the operation.