Client: Associazione Festival della Scienza

Main Features:
Stand surface: 1.100m2

Design and construction phase: 60 days
Exhibition: 28/10/2004-08/11/2004

The assignment is the organization of the space of Piazza delle Feste, the center of the Porto Antico of Genoa in order to make available to the public the main interactive and communication technologies of the project PROGETTO ITALIA/TELECOM and of the Group Companies .It is one of the most accessible and significant spaces among the 2003 edition which raised approximately 136,000 visitors.
Interactive spaces for TV and for the IDI-International Design Institute are accessible inside the area. A portion of the space is also dedicated to the Antarctic Museum in Genoa. The project idea was inspired by the graphics  of the logo for PROGETTO ITALIA, characterized by some colored broken bands. From this imagine we decided to create a continuous red colored seating 2.40 m width and 0.50 m length) as characterizing element for the spaces extending both inside the stand and also outside in the Piazza delle Feste. Outside the stand the seating raises so to create a reference land-mark for the identification of the area of PROGETTO ITALIA. Inside, the broken line of the seating helps to identify the spaces divided in exhibits area and the annexed spaces for the Antartic Museum. The end of the seat is also characterized by a raising useful to define on both sides a more confidential space equipped for small conferences, interviews, live footage, and MTV video projections.
Among the most interesting exhibits are two virtual bicycle, the fuselage of an aircraft equipped for virtual flight and a interactive Fiat Cinquecento.